Health Hub

Welcome to the Health Hub. a place where you can find information about a variety of complementary health professionals, clinics, courses and classes, all of which I have personal experience of and am very happy to recommend.


Massingham Clinic in North NorfolkMassingham Clinic: Situated in the village of Little Massingham in north Norfolk, this small, but perfectly formed clinic offers spinal therapy (similar to chiropractic), massage, cranial sacral therapy and reiki; for details of how to contact Massingham Clinic, please go to my contact page.

Wood House Holistic in Norwich



The Orange Grove Clinic: Nestled along St Johns Alley, amongst the independent shops of Norwich Lanes, the Orange Grove Clinic offers an extensive range of complementary therapies.  To see the full range of treatments that are available, please take a look at their website here.


Health & Personal Development:

Yoga: I started practising yoga early in 2015, primarily to help settle my busy brain, and I absolutely love it.  I have a (usually) daily home practice and go to a monthly Yin class with Sally Salmon, an amazing and inspirational Aussie who loves and lives yoga.

As most of my yoga is done at home, I like to mix things up with the odd yoga workshop & mini-retreat too, including those from YogaBuds, founded and fun filled by my friend and colleague, Jackie Heffer Cooke.

Nutrition:  As the Family Nutrition Expert, Catherine Jeans is a nutritional therapist who has worked with hundreds of clients throughout East Anglia, helping them to achieve measurable, positive and long lasting results.  And on top of that, she also happens to be rather lovely.

Women’s Health: If you are looking for help to “calm hormonal havoc and modern life mayhem” then Kathy Payne is who you need to call.  As a Natural Health and Fertility Coach, as well as a qualified homeopath, Kathy is helping women of all ages achieve their health potential, and it’s all served up with a delightful dollop of good humour to boot.

EOS Programme:  Based in Norwich, the EOS Programme is a 2 day programme designed especially for women, suitable for all ages, life stages and backgrounds.  If you want to explore thinking patterns, challenge preconceptions, increase motivation and your enthusiasm for life then book yourself on to a FREE 2 hour EOS Taster here.


Massage training in NorfolkProfessional Training:

Massage: If you are thinking about training as a massage therapist then please do look in to the Massage Training Institute and their fabulous teacher Kit Adam.  With a training centre in Norwich, MTI set the gold standard for holistic massage training in the UK – click here to learn more.