About me

Holistic Therapy in NorfolkMy name is Debbie Woodhouse, a Norfolk based holistic therapist, and Wood House Holistic is slowly evolving out of my work and interests.

My first introduction to complementary health came in my early 20’s, with a visit to a Chiropractor.  I had a very painful problem with my neck and it turned out I had a number of vertebrae that had twisted, probably the result of a whiplash injury from a few years earlier.  Leaving that appointment feeling as though I could move properly for the first time in weeks, I started to consider the benefits of complementary health.

Fast forward a little over a decade and, after spending 20 years working in accounts, somewhere in the mid 2000’s I finally realised that it was actually possible to have a life beyond the spreadsheet.  Deciding to train as a massage therapist, I gained my Diploma in Holistic Massage in 2007, and since then I’ve added a variety of massage techniques, as well as reikikansa vatki and aromatherapy to my holistic practice.

I have a particular interest in mental health; I’m intrigued by how the body and mind interact, interconnect and work together, as well as the difficulties faced when things don’t all work the way they should.  That interest is probably due in no small part to having lived with depression myself for over 30 years, and I now use a variety of techniques to help keep myself as well as possible.

As a holistic therapist, it is my aim to help you to achieve and maintain your optimum health, using a combination of my training, knowledge and experience, whether you are looking for help with a specific issue, or you simply want to relax and enjoy a little time to yourself.

Away from work I’m a mum of one, have two dogs and am usually spinning too many plates than is good for me.  Which is probably why I occasionally send one of those plates spinning off in to the ether… 🙂

For details of how to get in touch, for both appointments and general enquiries, please go to the contact page